Happy Spring

It is Spring
Garden GoddessSpring is Here
Garden Goddess-

It is the hour of the Garden Goddess

and to all those back East who cannot see Spring coming, we in the West say
it will arrive before you know it

This and That

I collect images that catch my eye like someone might collect salt shakers. Here is this weeks stash ~

IMG_8322.JPGSpring all year around, and as you may know, I am partial to colouring on walls

IMG_8319.JPGThis is a beautifully played Tai Chi move called Fair Maiden Works the Shuttles, I don’t image the sculptor ever intended to depict this move but she did a good job of it

IMG_8340.JPGDown at Granville Island in Vancouver is a full blown cement business. Some one there has the creative touch. They paint their spinning cement trucks as twirling strawberries, corn and bunches of asparagus. They are a refreshing oddity as they drive around the city. Now they have dressed up their gravel silos. This creative must have been brought up by Sesame Street.

IMG_8341.JPGMy friend took this photo from Bowen Island, she has an excellent eye for sun sets and sun rises

IMG_8316.JPGspeaking of creatives, I love this guy’s way of seeing and thinking. Craig Frazier illustrator and designer and an out of the box, no …. off the charts imaginer.

IMG_8345.JPGSo, I leave you with this ~ an excellent interpretation of maybe an overly informative sign ~ how would You read this sign?

Sign Play

These signs, pictures really, are meant to clearly instruct the ferry passengers.
But I’ve always challenged them.

IMG_8303.JPG for instance, this one. Why not just ….. Weeeeeeeeeeee!?

IMG_8304.JPGAnd this …

IMG_8307.JPGif I couldn’t read English I might think it means ‘Think only inside the box of your life and you are destined to just go up or go down.

IMG_8308.JPGyou need to play with a full deck of cards, preferably 2, figuratively speaking of course.

IMG_8306.JPGand This car isn’t even Moving! If I was the sign maker I would draw a car in motion Almost about to run someone over because isn’t That what it’s Trying to say?

IMG_8300.JPGI have posted this one before but I alway am reminded by this simple sign, to Keep a Clear head, Keep relationships Clear of clutter, from both the past or future and to Keep a Clear heart. And I like that it’s a message to take in either way I am walking.

IMG_8301.JPGI never pay attention to this one, because I drive a standard. I would write: use your EMERGENCY Break! That would do the job and add a little drama to this dull sign. And this one here is just a cool colour and shape. And isn’t it saying Keep a Clear head as in, don’t panic?

IMG_8298.JPGand I know where I am running if the ferry ever starts to sink…. Down here! Right?!

Why Not

I was out for a walk on one of the last beautiful sunny crisp days of summer and I was quickly approaching a fork in the road where I could see a sign in a curious shape nailed to a tree.

20130914-144515.jpg Before I was close enough to read the sign I had to make a decision whether to take the road through the shady cool woods or to take the open sunny road.

20130914-145703.jpg I chose the sunny route

20130914-145815.jpg Ya … Why Not