I can’t Believe my Luck!

Does it get better than this???

Black Rabbit: “Well when I first saw her in the forbidden garden, I Knew. I Just KNEW she was the one. Even though there were many others in our Fluffle, she dazzled. I can’t really say what it was about her but there it was … I was in Love. But what chances did I have against all those hopping handsome bucks, she could choose anyone? I am just one plain ole homely rabbit. Sure, I work hard, am friendly, helpful to my neighbours, and hang about with my pals just like everyone else. But hoppin’ big foot! I just HAD to talk to her. But what to say? Um… “Hi there, I love your ears (unimaginative) … Your whiskers are so long (oh my don’t say that!) do you come here often? (that is SO unoriginal), Want to go out hopping? Oh brother, I’m Hopeless … I didn’t have a chance in a hare … I’ll just had to hop up to her and hope for the best.

White Rabbit: When he first approached me I was so surprised. Why would such a handsome buck want to talk to me, I’m just a simple doe. Honestly, that sparkle in his eyes just made me swoon. My! he was the most dashing one in our Fluffle. But what would he see in little ole me? I’m just another shy little white rabbit with nothing much to look at really, although some say I do have nice ears and unusually long whiskers. But there we were, just looking at each other in a glowing silence. Later as we grazed together, all the while giving each other little adoring side glances, he popped the question and the rest is history ….

Brave little Fish

It takes guts (excuse the pun) for a little fish to flirt with an octopus. Just look at that smirk!

This is clearly a sure sign of naivety but especially with fish, bravery comes in numbers – schools … with a price, because …

we all know that an octopus can get into anything, find a snack in the smallest of places and (cover your eyes) eat it.

Watch Out Little Fish!

Little Black Chickens

My neighbours have 6 beautiful black chickens and a little 1 1/2 little girl so naturally my imagination was right on it. Into studio I went to make her 6 toy chickens. She was intrigued at her first meeting. I wondered what she might be thinking as she looked down at her 6 chickens with a birds eye view.

Now they are all great friends and the chickens always seem to be near by for a little hand out at her lunch time.

Each chicken has a tiny egg inside and one has a golden egg to wish upon.

I say, Good Luck because you know chickens, they just wander everywhere

Menorah Boat with Flowers

The idea of making a boat menorah just came to me, it felt easy. I have been into making finely detailed porcelain flowers lately and you know my interest in boats as metaphor for so many ideas, so this was bound to happen. It’s an ongoing conversation I have been having with my clay. I can’t really explain why this owl is here other than to witness the of lighting of the candles.

and to balance the light







And sometimes a French Bulldog

As a special request, off my beaten path. It took me awhile to find this pooch’s mojo but seeing his owner’s face light up at the first sight of him made my day.

  • Gaston is an immortal
  • The conversation has started

    Waiting to hear how this conversation will pan out.

    A short visit Black Octopuses

    I’ve been making octopuses from this amazingly translucent Canadian Polar Ice porcelain. They are as white as white can be. But a person needs to branch out and explore and a very Black clay has been calling me. Octopuses in black? Yes, well … yes.
    hush … here comes 2 now This one is so curious and comes right up to me.
    We have a good long stare at each other,
    eye to eye.

    Then she slides away and she’s gone.

    Oh wait here comes another! Be very still now … This one is pretty brave, right away she comes right up to me a closer look at me. Am I a friend or a foe or just dinner?

    Oh! There she goes, guess I’m not eatable.

    Fat Cats

            Who knew fat cats would be so fun to make. I even want to make them fatter 

    What do you think …                In or Out


    These two recently became Pals. They got together in the kiln. You might be familiar with the hottest hang out in town. Go back a few posts to see some of the eye brow raising stuff that goes on in there. Anyway, since these curly tops met up there has been endless ponderings on any number of things. I can almost hear their musings …. 

    They are real Pals ~ 

    Rabbit Behaviour

    … and I quote ~Sitting up with weight on bottom, forelegs stretched, ears up and looking alert – the “classic” rabbit pose
    Your rabbit is looking around to see what’s going on, usually thinking about what to do next and is often a prelude to grooming.  It may be rocking slightly due to its weight being balanced on its four feet close together –
    Sitting up on hind legs with ears up and nose pointed up
    Wild rabbits do this just to get a better view and have a look around for possible danger.  Domestic rabbits are more likely to be requesting food that you are holding or trying to get your attention.

    Sitting with weight on bottom, washing face with front feet, pulling ears down to lick them, twisting around to groom back and sides
    No prizes for this one – your rabbit is grooming itself – Ear positions
    If a rabbit points its ears forward it is curious about something. If it puts them straight up it is alarmed and trying to listen better. If it folds them flat on its back it is frightened and trying to make itself inconspicuous.

    The illusive Black Salamander

    Known to be shy, these two hardly represent their species. They crawled all over each other to get in the picture. Of course it did cross my mind to wonder if they bite! but then a bug flew at the window and I was history … shy but with a limited attention span would be my opinion 

    Terror in the Kiln

    All very sweet and innocent …. but I’ve learned not to be taken in by such graceful appearances. Under immense white hot heat in the kiln, tempers fly!
    Looks are given
    Moves are made

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    a Battle ensues
    It seems there is always someone who will take a bully down

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    The Tail Dipped Smiling Salamander

    A very rare salamander indeed. This very friendly species is often seen in herds like these.

    Black and White






    I have been happily working with white porcelain clay for a long time now but every now and then I catch myself looking longingly at my box of Midnight black clay. It’s pretty messy stuff and I have to wear surgical gloves whie I work with it because it contains manganese … a toxic chemical that penetrates skin, so it’s a real bad-ass clay.

    It makes a mean mud pie mess ~

    It is So fun
    and such a relief from my tidy contained white clay workings.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am still enchanted with white porcelain but such a drastic change stirs my pot and is a welcome disruption. The challenge is to keep these two siblings apart so I can work in peace. I know they will play together in a piece one day soon.                    ~ I can already see it ~


    Porcelain Octopus 1I keep making Octopuses, I just can’t help it.
    I go to make an elephant and the trunk makes me think
    I would like to be making an Octopus right now. Then the poor elephant has heard my thoughts … well, is my thoughts, and the trunk comes out a bit too long and octopus-like.
    well … they are kind of similar ..
    Porcelain Octopus 3this one came out of the kiln with an arm pointing to it’s eye like a gangster would do.
    “I’m watching You!”
    Of course getting the “eye” might not be to me, it could be to
    some shenanigans going on in the heat of the kiln.
    “I’m watching You!”
    Mermaid and Octopuslike in the Mermaid and the Octopus moment. When I made them, their hands were a breath away from touching, then as they dried, Octopus kept raising her arm higher, and who knows where those arms went while in the kiln, but this is how they finished.
    Coming down for another touch , moving away or somewhere in between?
    I’ll never know
    Octopus4this is what I love about all this, its unpredictably.






    Octopus Love

    I got the octopus love bad. I see them every where. I can feel them. I even feel my arms and legs fluidly spiraling when I practice tai chi. Strong and so soft…. at least I aim for that. 

    I made this last night. The mermaid’s hands were tantalizing close to touching the octopus’s arm but as it was drying their touch moved from almost to not quite. I know when they are red hot in the kiln they will finally decide how to connect…. or not. It will be out of my hands. 

    and I like that. 

    I like that when I set up  a connection in one of my bowls, the drying and firing process has the final say. Once two porcelain elephants placed together in the kiln found each other’s trunks and they spiraled around in the red heat. As they cooled they became inseparable. 

    I wonder why this little bumble bes saw fit to land here? Seems a lot of serendipity goes on when I make elephants. Who would have thought a bumble bee would feel so safe among a herd of elephants? It stayed for quite a while. 

    But back to seeing octopuses everywhere… I’ll fire these next week. I imagine that their arms will wave and dance all around in the kiln and come out different. Their arms are out of my hands. And stay tuned for the surprise ending of the love story between the mermaid and octopus….

    These are not octopuses. They are images of our brain neurons! Maybe octopuses are the brain neurons of the sea…. Octopuses are so Mind blowing!