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~ Balancers ~

made of twigs, copper wire, clay beads and junk collected from the city sidewalks.

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Rabbit Behaviour

… and I quote ~Sitting up with weight on bottom, forelegs stretched, ears up and looking alert – the “classic” rabbit pose
Your rabbit is looking around to see what’s going on, usually thinking about what to do next and is often a prelude to grooming.  It may be rocking slightly due to its weight being balanced on its four feet close together –
Sitting up on hind legs with ears up and nose pointed up
Wild rabbits do this just to get a better view and have a look around for possible danger.  Domestic rabbits are more likely to be requesting food that you are holding or trying to get your attention.

Sitting with weight on bottom, washing face with front feet, pulling ears down to lick them, twisting around to groom back and sides
No prizes for this one – your rabbit is grooming itself – Ear positions
If a rabbit points its ears forward it is curious about something. If it puts them straight up it is alarmed and trying to listen better. If it folds them flat on its back it is frightened and trying to make itself inconspicuous.

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