odd balls

~ Balancers ~

made of twigs, copper wire, clay beads and junk collected from the city sidewalks.

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A short visit Black Octopuses

I’ve been making octopuses from this amazingly translucent Canadian Polar Ice porcelain. They are as white as white can be. But a person needs to branch out and explore and a very Black clay has been calling me. Octopuses in black? Yes, well … yes.
hush … here comes 2 now This one is so curious and comes right up to me.
We have a good long stare at each other,
eye to eye.

Then she scurries off, or walks quickly, or slides and slithers away … whatever they do, she’s gone.

Oh wait here comes another! Be very still now … This one is pretty brave, right away she comes right up to me a closer look at me. Am I a friend or a foe or just dinner?

Oh! There she goes, guess I’m not eatable.

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