animated clay

I take a slow ferry ride to my studio every month. This is where my ideas flow the fastest. Maybe it’s the short journey with strangers over water that inspires me or maybe it is that pause from familiarity. Settling into a seat by a window I make quick sketches of my passing thoughts and ideas and resist the temptation to edit. This new series Ups & Downs seems to satisfy my interest in architecture, animation, whimsical folk art, moving mechanical toys and getting my hands into something so malleable as clay.

Using a rich, dark-red clay and painting with earthy tones of terra sigillata pigmented clay slips, the juxtaposition between city life and wild life fill my imagination.
All Music by Robert Minden Duo *best to view on a desktop computer

click below to see them in action ~ there are more on youtube 

Adobe Dance

Ancient Skunk Trail

Morning Walk