beaded tools

Have you ever heard the sound of a saw? The many years of collaborating with the Robert Minden Ensemble/Duo inspired this series of beaded saws. I collect old discarded saws then glue tiny glass beads to the metal blades.

“Walker’s saws consist primarily of carpenter’s hand saws embedded with glass seed beads which bear the image of endangered birds. Each rendering of bird dazzles the eye with it’ myriad of intense colour arranged masterfully in a pointillist style. The significance of the saws comes from its multiple uses: tool, canvas for landscape oil paintings, and musical instrument. The work initially strikes the viewer as approachable and nostalgic. The memory of music once played on saws echoes the lost songbird’s tune. Walker creates a fantasy world with beautifully winged creatures and the memory of song. Carpenter’s saws were used to cultivate the land, clear wooded areas and make room for urban and suburban development. The result of which bore a serious impact on songbird populations in developed neighbourhoods. Walker engages her audience with her medium, while her subject matter reveal information from our social and ecological history. She responds specifically to the diminishing bird populations reminding viewers that progress is never without consequence.”   by Cecilia Denegri, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC Canada

these are from the series called


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