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I can’t Believe my Luck!

Does it get better than this???

Black Rabbit: “Well when I first saw her in the forbidden garden, I Knew. I Just KNEW she was the one. Even though there were many others in our Fluffle, she dazzled. I can’t really say what it was about her but there it was … I was in Love. But what chances did I have against all those hopping handsome bucks, she could choose anyone? I am just one plain ole homely rabbit. Sure, I work hard, am friendly, helpful to my neighbours, and hang about with my pals just like everyone else. But hoppin’ big foot! I just HAD to talk to her. But what to say? Um… “Hi there, I love your ears (unimaginative) … Your whiskers are so long (oh my don’t say that!) do you come here often? (that is SO unoriginal), Want to go out hopping? Oh brother, I’m Hopeless … I didn’t have a chance in a hare … I’ll just had to hop up to her and hope for the best.

White Rabbit: When he first approached me I was so surprised. Why would such a handsome buck want to talk to me, I’m just a simple doe. Honestly, that sparkle in his eyes just made me swoon. My! he was the most dashing one in our Fluffle. But what would he see in little ole me? I’m just another shy little white rabbit with nothing much to look at really, although some say I do have nice ears and unusually long whiskers. But there we were, just looking at each other in a glowing silence. Later as we grazed together, all the while giving each other little adoring side glances, he popped the question and the rest is history ….

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