8 thoughts on “I’m an Octopus magnet

  1. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Yes, I want one and I want one of the owl shawl pins. I know where to order for the owl pin on the Etsy store, but where for the magnet?

    You think I’d be better at this online ordering business after all these months in hibernation.

    My DIL loves octopuses 🐙 Here are the mitts I made her. (Can help showing off.)

    gy 🌾

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  2. Thanks so much Gaylyn, I have 2 octopus magnets left for sale, they are $15.00 each + shipping. Not to pressure at All but just to let you know, if you bought a yarn bowl, these too would ride for free….


  3. Hi Nancy

    Are these available for purchase? If so how much? I tried looking online on the Etsy store but couldn’t find them. If not available hopefully the owl pin will still be. One of each would rock my world (and prevent me from having to go out).

    I was looking at my octopus yarn bowl the other day. Still makes me smile. Sorry for the gushing but I do love your work so much.

    gy 🌾

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