2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Nancy,
    My name is Fatlind.
    I came across your pottery works in Granville Island. I have years in print media, specifically in desktop publishing and studio product and portrait photography. Glass and stone have been my preferred areas. As for graphic design i am specialized in Large posters, Albums, Catalogues, Magazines and Newspapers of different sizes and outputs. Transferring of digital artworks into canvas, wood, metal and other mediums is my as well. I would be honoured to work in any projects and needs of this nature with your unique artworks that i have in front if me. I carry up to date photography gear. computer settings and I am connected with different printing businesses for a variety of needs. I have printed out samples in different Album sizes upon your request.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Fatlind Melani


  2. Hi Nancy,
    I adore your elephants. I have one that I purchased on SSI, BC at “Fever Tree”. They have since sold their business. May I purchase from your website…. if you have one? I found your blog, but can not access your web page.

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