Five Confessions

IMG_0269I am glad I do not live in Buffalo NY … but I think it would be Amazing!

IMG_8360These signs make me want to hop across the street like a cartoon in this frozen position

IMG_9123This looked like a dead man to me when I first saw it

IMG_9125Moments like these give me the shivers

IMG_7304I am grossed out and amused at the very same time

Sign Play

These signs, pictures really, are meant to clearly instruct the ferry passengers.
But I’ve always challenged them.

IMG_8303.JPG for instance, this one. Why not just ….. Weeeeeeeeeeee!?

IMG_8304.JPGAnd this …

IMG_8307.JPGif I couldn’t read English I might think it means ‘Think only inside the box of your life and you are destined to just go up or go down.

IMG_8308.JPGyou need to play with a full deck of cards, preferably 2, figuratively speaking of course.

IMG_8306.JPGand This car isn’t even Moving! If I was the sign maker I would draw a car in motion Almost about to run someone over because isn’t That what it’s Trying to say?

IMG_8300.JPGI have posted this one before but I alway am reminded by this simple sign, to Keep a Clear head, Keep relationships Clear of clutter, from both the past or future and to Keep a Clear heart. And I like that it’s a message to take in either way I am walking.

IMG_8301.JPGI never pay attention to this one, because I drive a standard. I would write: use your EMERGENCY Break! That would do the job and add a little drama to this dull sign. And this one here is just a cool colour and shape. And isn’t it saying Keep a Clear head as in, don’t panic?

IMG_8298.JPGand I know where I am running if the ferry ever starts to sink…. Down here! Right?!