Sign Play

These signs, pictures really, are meant to clearly instruct the ferry passengers.
But I’ve always challenged them.

IMG_8303.JPG for instance, this one. Why not just ….. Weeeeeeeeeeee!?

IMG_8304.JPGAnd this …

IMG_8307.JPGif I couldn’t read English I might think it means ‘Think only inside the box of your life and you are destined to just go up or go down.

IMG_8308.JPGyou need to play with a full deck of cards, preferably 2, figuratively speaking of course.

IMG_8306.JPGand This car isn’t even Moving! If I was the sign maker I would draw a car in motion Almost about to run someone over because isn’t That what it’s Trying to say?

IMG_8300.JPGI have posted this one before but I alway am reminded by this simple sign, to Keep a Clear head, Keep relationships Clear of clutter, from both the past or future and to Keep a Clear heart. And I like that it’s a message to take in either way I am walking.

IMG_8301.JPGI never pay attention to this one, because I drive a standard. I would write: use your EMERGENCY Break! That would do the job and add a little drama to this dull sign. And this one here is just a cool colour and shape. And isn’t it saying Keep a Clear head as in, don’t panic?

IMG_8298.JPGand I know where I am running if the ferry ever starts to sink…. Down here! Right?!

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