Five Confessions

IMG_0269I am glad I do not live in Buffalo NY … but I think it would be Amazing!

IMG_8360These signs make me want to hop across the street like a cartoon in this frozen position

IMG_9123This looked like a dead man to me when I first saw it

IMG_9125Moments like these give me the shivers

IMG_7304I am grossed out and amused at the very same time

3 thoughts on “Five Confessions

  1. Hi,

    You are back?? sorry to have missed you but …next time …………

    Coffee is sure to be a lot more expensive now that when you first committed to it …..hope you have been saving up!

    Happy Thanksgiving !


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  2. These are SO humorous. And what’s amazing is that despite what you’ve ben going through recently, family-wise, you are able to maintain yourself and special wonderful sense of humor. Hugs, Maynard

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