This and That

I collect images that catch my eye like someone might collect salt shakers. Here is this weeks stash ~

IMG_8322.JPGSpring all year around, and as you may know, I am partial to colouring on walls

IMG_8319.JPGThis is a beautifully played Tai Chi move called Fair Maiden Works the Shuttles, I don’t image the sculptor ever intended to depict this move but she did a good job of it

IMG_8340.JPGDown at Granville Island in Vancouver is a full blown cement business. Some one there has the creative touch. They paint their spinning cement trucks as twirling strawberries, corn and bunches of asparagus. They are a refreshing oddity as they drive around the city. Now they have dressed up their gravel silos. This creative must have been brought up by Sesame Street.

IMG_8341.JPGMy friend took this photo from Bowen Island, she has an excellent eye for sun sets and sun rises

IMG_8316.JPGspeaking of creatives, I love this guy’s way of seeing and thinking. Craig Frazier illustrator and designer and an out of the box, no …. off the charts imaginer.

IMG_8345.JPGSo, I leave you with this ~ an excellent interpretation of maybe an overly informative sign ~ how would You read this sign?

a Sunday Bike Ride

First I saw a coyote as I headed down to the water

IMG_8198It was a breezy sunny day ~ so clear

IMG_8199Vancouver has gone gaga for Bike lanes

I appreciate them now …..

IMG_8200Everyone was out with their favourite mode of travel

IMG_8202People from all over the world full ~ so festive & colourfulIMG_8208The bike path cuts right by people eating fish and chips IMG_8210I made my deliveries, more Owls

IMG_8213and had to feast my eyes in my favourite shop

I can’t keep awayIMG_8217~ and this is for Lu ~

IMG_8218After such a long ride, I treated myself to a yummy coffee ice cream and watched the boats come and go. A sea gull came swooping down and stole someone’s sandwich right out of her hand near by, I know what that feels like!IMG_8220Fresh peaches ready to go to market

IMG_8223and so much wild Salmon this yearIMG_8224I passed the huge driftwood sculptures on my way home

This old twisted log has many memories, I see a whale’s eye … it looks sad

IMG_8231After a long Sunday swim and stretch, he’ll be ready for work on Monday.

He will have this to remember all week

imageedit_26_3771137159Half way up the long hillIMG_8243I’m almost Home

I see 5

The saddest first.

This stopped me in my tracks as I was walking over to a weekend farmer’s market.

IMG_7952a thousand fallen cranesIMG_7955IMG_7960a tree eye ~ lizard and elephant like ~ Looking right at me

IMG_7957morning dew

IMG_7956a great idea ~ lace graffiti

IMG_7961and who can’t fall in love with this sad spider

[chalk on concrete wall at the Trout Lake community centre]


Nine Little Stories

Little Story One

IMG_5991Why do we keep pulling up these masterpieces?

Little Story Two

pink blooming Acacia P1050834 P1050824 P1050823This is a Mimosa Tree. So sensitive that when you touch its leaves, they fold inward …

until they get to know your touch.

Is there anything more beautiful?

Little Story Three

IMG_7622This little painted bird is painted on an carefully chosen antique dictionary page

by Veronica Roth

Look closely, you can see the text through it’s heart.

Little Story Four

IMG_6876My friend who took in a rescue dog from Mexico a few years ago and Loves all animals, bought 3 of my porcelain Elephants. The little one in the middle is a rescue elephant, it can hardly stand up by itself. I can not sell it or gift it because of this. It needs to lean on another elephant for support. It went to her home, a good home and is happy and well cared for there as you can clearly see. This family of 4 was meant to be ~

Little Story Five

IMG_7620There was a strange halo around the sun yesterday

I felt like I was in a science fiction novel

Little Story Six

IMG_7597This was at my door the other morning

I would like a calling card like that ~

Little Story Seven

IMG_7623I used to get in trouble over and over and over again for drawing on my wall paper.

I would have liked to live where she lives.

Little and Last Story Nine

IMG_5993Don’t we All need hope?

A little Spring walk

It’s been pretty crazy around here in the Spring Flowering Department. Here in Vancouver Spring just goes on and on … maybe even until late June. Folks in the East really do deserve to get their summer in the blink of an eye, especially this year with their freezing vortex and all. I hear it can go from 20 below to 20 (Celsius) above in one day. Here? Our Summer is very shy and Spring is almost a bully when it comes to sharing time. So although our winter is relatively short and mild, in the guise of giving us a spectacular Spring, summer is still far away for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining

at all!

because of this ~















IMG_6670See what I mean?

It’s just goes on and on and on

How much Bliss Shivers can a girl take!??!

Salamander Rescue

I have always loved Salamanders.

When I was young I spent hours turning over rocks to see if I could find a salamander living under it. Often I did find one, usually a Red Salamander.

There was no end to my delight in them.

800px-Pseudotriton_ruber_2You can’t tell me that Salamanders aren’t lovable!

I would carefully pick it up and hold it very gently cupped in my two hands and peek into the dark to look at it up close. It smelled like the earth when it rains and it had a silence about it, maybe that was just fear though. I loved it’s cool dark red colour, it’s damp shine and it’s miniature articulate body. It’s tiny hands and feet felt so cool and clammy on my palms.

Salamanders simply intrigued me.

What were they? They were certainly not a worm or a snake or a fish or ant but they landed somewhere between all those creatures. Maybe that’s what drew me to them, they were so ambidextrous in their very being. They couldn’t be pinned down as a ‘this’ or a ‘that’ and

that gave them a certain kind of freedom.

That’s where I left off … and then I grew up and forgot about them. I moved far away from where that particular salamander lives.

Years past.

One day when my daughter was a teenager, we were in the country working outside when I spotted a salamander! Oh how lovely! I remember you! I was so happy to show my daughter these amazing creatures I had loved! But something was terribly wrong with this little salamander. It wasn’t hiding under a rock, it was out in the open in plain sight, and it was a bit too dry, all very dangerous. A robin or crow would easily find it and eat it. As I slowly reached for it, it easily let me pick it up, again very unusual. I noticed something on its eye lid too. It was a tick! Imagine! A tiny tic on this little salamander, poor thing! My daughter ran inside it get some tweezers and I held this little fellow all the while talking to it explaining to it how we could help. It just sat there in silence in my hand. Tweezers in hand I gently got a hold of that tic and unwound it until it until it unlatched from of the salamander’s eye lid. Voila! The operation was a success! That salamander, relieved of its blood sucking burden livened right up and was ready to carry on with it’s salamander business. We gave it a frew drops of water which it drank and then let it go near a dark damp group of rocks and watched it scurry off. Amazing! It actually seemed like it knew we could help it.

and in 20 years I have never seen another salamander since!

So I made some


and then I made some Yarn Bowls

Salamanders x2Salamander hidingand it is nice to be Salamander-ing again!

I’m out for a walk

I think I’ll go out for walk…

IMG_5846I’ll leave a note ….

“I’m walking down the hill to the water then on to visit the ducks at Jericho, then after a coffee, I’ll head back up the hill to home.”

noteI saw a few pieces of wood and just had to make this reindeer horse ~

IMG_5895my signature

IMG_5898the bigger picture

… and the sun is going down

IMG_5899I see others were inspired to make beach creations

IMG_5902Oh My! is that real???  It DID make me pause for a moment and picked it up with a stick … it was plastic! Lots of plastic on the beach but this was unusual!

IMG_5889moving along ….

IMG_5900maybe I had squirming on my mind

but these are just water marks in the sand

Willows, so colourful!

IMG_5887IMG_5888looks like ‘Zoe and Wave’ made a driftwood boat on New Years Day

IMG_5904lastly, a loop

IMG_5893Time to head back up the hill to my warm home

crescent moon and a plane flying west ….


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