I see 5

The saddest first.

This stopped me in my tracks as I was walking over to a weekend farmer’s market.

IMG_7952a thousand fallen cranesIMG_7955IMG_7960a tree eye ~ lizard and elephant like ~ Looking right at me

IMG_7957morning dew

IMG_7956a great idea ~ lace graffiti

IMG_7961and who can’t fall in love with this sad spider

[chalk on concrete wall at the Trout Lake community centre]


A Few Things that Caught my Eye

These are some things that caught my eye this week while I was out and about..

20130908-111647.jpgFall colors are coming! I was out on a walk near the shore with my friend and we came upon this little opening in the woods. All the colours were So Vivid but this green on this moss was just off the charts!

And who isn’t completely charmed when you encounter a little leaf just hovering in mid air, like magic … Can you see it? It’s that very green leaf in the middle of the rust coloured cedar foliage, It is really just dangling right in front of me, swaying in the breeze.  Sure, we know the mechanics of it, that it has been caught on a fine spider strand but the chances of that strand catching that little leaf as it floated by ….. Pretty slim I’d say. Pretty magic, even in the scientific department..

And then there are the endless circles around this city, all sizes and colours. They do catch my eye and I think they are just so … Neat! This blue one reminded me of the Chinese IChing hexagram: In tai chi, we refer to it as Peng meaning Ward Off. It is one of the most basic energies, many others follow from Peng.

And for something completely different ~ As my daughter and I were knitting at a picnic table, she looked down and saw this Dragon at our feet!
See? You just never know what you’ll encounter around the next corner.



Holding on for dear life

I left a rag which I had been using to wipe off the lawn mower on the wood pile. I left it for a few days, you know how it rolls…… I’ll get that later, later…..

Well I did get to it later only to find that it was now occupied. Someone had moved in AND started a family! Yes this tiny spider was squatting on this rag.

So now I have a dilemma… I need to move the rag, I’d like to wash this rag and I am totally taken with how territorial this little creature lets me know that She is busy here. She stands guard hovering right over her tiny white disk of a nest of her eggs like she is guarding it with her life. She has nestled deep inside one of the folds of the rag, she’s not moving. She adjusts her position when ever I peek into her home but stays right on top of her nest.

I will find a quiet protected place to move her to, a place protected from the coming rain and wind. I’ll leave it just so so she and her new little spiders, when they hatch, can easily venture out into the world.

The laundry can certainly wait for this little miracle.