Laundry Day

IMG_7663look closelyIMG_7666what do you see?IMG_7664Who says you can’t make a wish on Laundry Day?

4 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. Well, I bet you can guess what My clothes pin wish would be!! Your laundry photo didn’t come thru … but no matter, I can use my imagination (and Google Images) and would rather you just enjoy your ride. as always, Many Thanks! Hello to all of your crew!joy!


  2. Speaking of ‘Laundry Day’?

    I took this photo this morning in tiny Village of Homps, in southern France, where we docked our little boat overnight (8 os us are together on a canal boat for one week; a boat with 4 cabins which we sail ourselves on the Canal du Midi. So here is my laundry photo. M

    Via LyndonDesign iPad


  3. It took me quite a while to ‘get it’. I saw that “one of the things is not like the others”, but I had to look at all 3 photos to get that the difference was glitter, not some other kind of texture.
    Happy windy day to you Nancy.



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