Why a Manhole is Round

Manholes are round ….

20140801-170801-61681213.jpg They are Always round.

20140801-170845-61725663.jpg Because …. Well think about it. What would happen if they were Square?

….. Or Rectangle?

20140801-171118-61878927.jpg When you opened a heavy manhole cover , and they are Really heavy…. A square or rectangle or triangle for that matter, could fall in, down the whole!!! There is always a short end that could allow it to slip through the square or rectangular opening. You could left up the top, rotate it then Ooooops …. drop it down the hole.

20140801-171437-62077268.jpg A circle has the same diameter all the way around so if it can rest on an opening that is slightly smaller than the circumference of the circular lid ….
TaDa! It cannot slip into the hole.



summer eve city walk

manhole16we walked along green grass on this lovely balmy evening

and came to a long strip of shops and … manholes!

Like I’ve never seen before ~

manhole20One after another

manhole17each one beautiful in it’s own way

manhole15How could I have never noticed before!?

manhole14too many to post tonight


come back next Monday for more!

and there IS more!

ps ~ does anyone know why All manholes are always round?