Stop Look and Go

I can be pretty annoying to walk with sometimes. I can even be engaged in a conversation with someone when suddenly I will just disappear. What actually is happening is that I will have spotted something interesting and will just have to photograph it. Meanwhile, my walking partner will have kept on going ….. I don’t mean to be rude but there is just so much amazing stuff going on that I just have to stop to take a closer look. Like for instance these bird tracks that, I swear, went on for 5 or 6 sidewalk pads.

And these shoes …..

She had a whole thing going on here.

Here is a Ginormous Thimble in the Toronto garment district, and a tape measure sidewalk.

A fabric shop store front made up of thousands of sewing straight pins (nails).

Now I am in New Hampshire visiting my mum. I am staying a 10 minute nature walk away from her care home. I pass these sweetest little wild flowers, that are the very lightest hint of blue. They grow everywhere here and there, willy-nilly in little circles in the grass.

They are called Bluets. I can’t find them in the west.

You can hardly see this, but sitting on top of this contraption is a little fledgling robin, right in mums common courtyard area. It’s probably flown out of it’s nest for the first time.
This enchants mum. She’s got the ‘have to see’ bug too. The apple doesn’t fall far from this tree.
We are having a good time!


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