Maybe it’s Enough

Getting closer to the city. There is a mix of wilderness and communities, you can tell when a group of houses are coming up by the junk near the tracks. The farms, for the most part are pretty tidy

except for a few pieces of abandoned equipment.

We still pass a few areas of birch trees. If you look way into the woods, you’ll see a few birches laying down, fallen. They are still white and they look like fallen soldiers to me.

I’m all packed now and am just sitting in my roomette getting a few more stitches in as I watch the world go by.

I’m feeling kind of funny, I’m not sure I’m ready to make the transition into a big city.

~ But my dear, it’s clearly time to go ~

3 thoughts on “Maybe it’s Enough

  1. glad you had such a good, restful trip! Take a deep breath before you step off the train. Oh, and you might put your knitting away. :-)



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