Day 3

We got on the train in Vancouver on Friday evening and will arrive in Toronto Tuesday morning. This is our last full day. I have been savoring every day. We are in Ontario now, coming into Sioux Lookout.

I woke up at 5:30 to this, a whole new landscape.

We are on the great Canadian Shield. All grey rock, blue lakes and birch & fur trees for most of Ontario and Quebec. Look out the window once and you’re done for the day, it’s all the same view. Just kidding …. there will be lots of nuance to see and I am hoping for a moose.

I think I knit about 4 rows yesterday. I have to be careful that I don’t knit too high up, this pattern is meditative enough to keep knitting and easy enough to look out the window.

This little chickadee always lives in my current project bag of the day. My daughter felted her years ago so she has see me through many knitting projects.

Last night we were still on the prairies. During dinner we past this.

A VERY old grain elevator. So much history and stories here!

Built right next to an old grain elevator.
The modern one was just a ways up but it’s not interesting looking I know we have to progress and we figure out how to do things better (or more profitably) but the new ones don’t inspire me. I can’t see their stories….. so they don’t get their picture taken.

The prairies gave us a spectacular sunset show last night while we were in the dining car having dinner.

And this incredible color was at the door between the cars. The vestibule is the link holding the cars together. You have to cross them of course but you are not supposed to linger there. But the sounds/music of the train is there and there is fresh air and the coolness of the outside there.

So I linger

We have arrived at Sioux Lookout and I’m going out for some cold fresh air. See?! It looks the same outside.


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