I’ve been making elephants all day long. And tomorrow I will make some more.
They have an interesting shape to start with. It’s a tear drop shape, which given the plight of elephants these days, is quite poignant. I pull this tear drop tip out long enough until I have a long truck. Then I add all the rest.

Each elephant is then on its own to express it’s self, I just keep it upright while it’s deciding.

When I get enough made and put them all together, they seem to mingle around getting to know each other, I can hear them a mile away…. not really … but they do seem lively >

Tomorrow I’ll have twice as many …. An elephant rave!>

2 thoughts on “Elephants

  1. Hi NN ..! I am in Thailand. Visiting Sophie who now lives here. Elephants everywhere. So wonderful seeing yours as you have caught their ‘mojo’ completely! Aren’t they magnificent!!

    Hugs NiceN xxx




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