a little idea

I knit

and I make shawl pins made out of porcelain and copper. So I am part of an ENORMOUS Knitting community … and ….my goodness,

if every knitter got the same bee under under their bonnet, we could move the earth!

There is a  great website where we all meet called Ravelry. Knitters from around the globe post their projects and join groups, share ideas and information, it’s really quite amazing. Over the years I have listed 21 projects, I just uploaded a few more today. It’s easy to procrastinate, and I’ll get to that. The idea is to photograph one’s project as it progresses and it helps to have a few images of the finished piece so other knitters can see what a particular pattern might look in a different yarn etc…. But I don’t like photographing myself in these knitted wear, so I crop the

photos of me them off at the neck, which I don’t really like either ….. what to do?? … What to do????

Well today I came up with a solution that pleases me greatly!

~ May I present Matilda ~

Honey Cowl+owlTPJenny-2I made this mask as a stage piece in my stage/costume designing days for the

Robert Minden Ensemble


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