wild flower

After the snow had melted and the wind had blown wildly enough

to cancel all the ferry traffic

the dried flower I placed on this stump was still there

Spackle in the Alley

some construction worker dropped a big white blob of dry wall goop in the alley.

I just sighed an “oh well …. the rain will wash this way …. eventually …. “

but meanwhile …. I’ll let it go smiling

a few days later, my friend the Spackle blob had already begun dissolving

and a rainy week later it had drifted away …

oddly, in the shape of a heart

alley dancers

on a long walk though along the alleys

these weather worn twigs still kept dancing even after being driven on over and over

they seemed to love it!

rock face

One rock ~ 3 faces

when I found this rock I had to touch it to see if it was real

it is ~