odd balls

~ Balancers ~

made of twigs, copper wire, clay beads and junk collected from the city sidewalks.

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Wisdom Tooth ~ Sweet Tooth

now these are weird …

not for the faint of heart  or squeemish…

these are Creepy Cool so hang on to your hats

Here we go

2a bowl full of teeth!

now don’t fret because I made them myself

from porcelain clay, I’m a potter, remember?

6They are knitting stitch markers, you can use them to mark where you are in your knitting pattern, they make knitting easy and enjoyable because they tell you when you need to change your pattern, they are kind of like being on cruise control … in knitting

5I was just looking to make something a little EDGY

and these are …

4look closely, there is a gold cap on one of them

7one could even use them as a Brooch, which someone I know does

ragga teeth-vkl-2014-k2p2

3I’m selling these in my Etsy shop (my shameless plug) and they come in this cool tin box

Wisdom Tooth is the one with the gold Tooth

Sweet Tooth are, well, 6 sweet teeth!

~ Sometimes you gotta just stir things up a bit ~


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