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Art for English Bay

IMG_8263If you walk along the south eastern shore by English Bay before you get to Kit’s Beach your will see the under belly of this poshy neighbourhood. This is where some of the most expensive state of the art houses are … the Lu Lu Lemons live here…

There is a lot of Graffiti on these old cement retaining walls and when the tide is high you can’t even walk along the shore. It’s not a pleasant place, it’s rocky and unswimable but the view is off the charts.

IMG_8266I love all this crap right under the noses of these fancy homes, it’s a powerful juxtaposition.


Some really nice things are happening down here …

the neighourhood is changing

there is a graffiti war going on

IMG_8265IMG_8267Someone is making some beautiful Art, I mean, Graffiti down here

(I won’t venture to guess …)

But This … This ~ is Unbelievable! It is quite Spectacular!

The entire length of this property has been made into this huge steel sculpture that only a few people and birds will ever see

The owners can’t even see this

IMG_8274IMG_8275IMG_8279Every sheet of steel is a different shape and every angle is unique. It will always be changing colours as the light plays with it all day long. The moon will add to it’s tones too. It Sings!

It is supported by tons of cement poured around rebar. It is here to stay. It is here to witness the wildest storms

It will be colouring itself in rust for ages.

IMG_8277IMG_8276It’s tumbling and rolling in it’s massive stillness

~ It dances to this view ~


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