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A little Spring walk

It’s been pretty crazy around here in the Spring Flowering Department. Here in Vancouver Spring just goes on and on … maybe even until late June. Folks in the East really do deserve to get their summer in the blink of an eye, especially this year with their freezing vortex and all. I hear it can go from 20 below to 20 (Celsius) above in one day. Here? Our Summer is very shy and Spring is almost a bully when it comes to sharing time. So although our winter is relatively short and mild, in the guise of giving us a spectacular Spring, summer is still far away for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining

at all!

because of this ~















IMG_6670See what I mean?

It’s just goes on and on and on

How much Bliss Shivers can a girl take!??!

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