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I collect images that catch my eye like someone might collect salt shakers. Here is this weeks stash ~

IMG_8322.JPGSpring all year around, and as you may know, I am partial to colouring on walls

IMG_8319.JPGThis is a beautifully played Tai Chi move called Fair Maiden Works the Shuttles, I don’t image the sculptor ever intended to depict this move but she did a good job of it

IMG_8340.JPGDown at Granville Island in Vancouver is a full blown cement business. Some one there has the creative touch. They paint their spinning cement trucks as twirling strawberries, corn and bunches of asparagus. They are a refreshing oddity as they drive around the city. Now they have dressed up their gravel silos. This creative must have been brought up by Sesame Street.

IMG_8341.JPGMy friend took this photo from Bowen Island, she has an excellent eye for sun sets and sun rises

IMG_8316.JPGspeaking of creatives, I love this guy’s way of seeing and thinking. Craig Frazier illustrator and designer and an out of the box, no …. off the charts imaginer.

IMG_8345.JPGSo, I leave you with this ~ an excellent interpretation of maybe an overly informative sign ~ how would You read this sign?

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